Monday, August 23, 2010

My Frank series.

My Dear Frank!


I love Frank!

This is Frank.

This is a story about a male Mourning Dove named Frank. I first started seeing Frank around mid February 2010. I noticed there was an open wound to his head and it looked pretty bad. But this tough bird kept comming around so I kept feeding him and making sure he had access to water. Indiana winters are pretty cold so I kept his water thawed, filled the feeder tray up again come evening to help him have the energy to make it through the freezing nights.
The wound on his head looked like something Frankenstein would have so I started calling him Frankenbird. Slowly but surely Frank has healed. He isn't afraid of me , of course I can't hold him or touch him. But he will sit just out of reach so he's safe if I jump him lol. Sometimes he just sits on the ground and watches me, just hangs out. He's never very far away. Sometimes he even follows me around the yard. This has to be the sweeetest bird in the whole wide world! He doesn't have a mate which makes me very sad for him. I love Frank with all my heart, my Dear Sweet Frank.....


  1. Oh my. What a cutie. Great capture.

    I'd really live to know how you took these to get that wonder IQ and feel.

  2. Thanks so much Kerri!
    David I just sat there and let him come to me. I love animals and I swear they know I mean them no harm. And I always make sure they have food and water. My yard is wildlife friendly, ponds and nesting materials, fruit trees and berry bushes and so on. Thanks so much for your kind comment. :)