Monday, August 2, 2010



Shuga has kept me up all night, she was running a fever and I was also. Neither one of us feel well today so we've simply slept on & off. So I took this pic with my cell phone of her relaxing. I'll try to get better photos tomorrow. Much love!


  1. Sorry you aren't feeling well Suzi! Shuga looks adorable! Wishing you both a speedy recovery!

  2. Hoping you and Shuga are doing better. Call me paranoid but... If you and your Shuga are ill with similar symptoms could there be maybe something you're both sensitive to? You would not have a gas leak or perhaps a source of carbon monoxide seeping into your place? I know that thought is pretty extreme, but I thought I would ask just in case. Hope it's just allergies or something very mundane.

  3. Beautiful portrait Shuga.

    Hope you are both feeling better tomorrow.