Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Within Myself.

Silver Lining?

Little Souls....

I've spent this day reflecting and soul searching on all the deaths of my family and friends over the last year. It's all just too much for me and it's taking a toll on me. So I will go curl up with a good book and my wonderful furry baby and try to find some distraction....... or peace. Remember to tell your friends and family that you love them, make sure they always know it without a doubt. Life is very short and quickly snatched away. With that being said....... I love you. Goodnight.


  1. Beautiful images Suzi Q.

    Your blog is wonderful, I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy doing mine.

    And that grand pup of yours, OMG, she is just adorable. :o)))

  2. Beautiful images for this post Suzi! Hoping you find peace and comfort :)

  3. Beautiful Sue! Hope peace finds you and doesn't leave!